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Laid Off

It seems like it is the time of year, because I am not the only one I know who was “laid off.” My friend tried to encourage me to say the phrase without the “off” part, because he said it would be a more interesting phrase and though I agree, it does not have much to do with my current situation.

I am a 23 year old female in a big man’s world and I love it. I love surprising people with my talents and how much knowledge I have had over the last several years of being in the marketing field. That’s right, this is what I usually do for a living: I blog, create Social Media Plans, SEO strategies, PPC Campaigns, Website Strategies, Edit and Film YouTube Videos. I do old style marketing too such as guerrilla marketing, B2B offline and B2C sales calls, maintaining client relationships, customer service and event coordination. You would think I was quite a catch for the marketing world, wouldn’t you? Well, I just got laid off.

I have never not had a job before. I have always worked two to three jobs, just in case, but in this case it was the first time I was doing this job 24/7. Promoting around the clock contests and editing videos at home as well as in house. I can’t speak about the terms of why I was laid off, but I can speak about my plan and what I am choosing to do.

I got laid off last week on a nice Wednesday afternoon. I was working very hard and had four montages due in the next two weeks along with promoting contests and overlooking 76 different video and photo channels. I had no idea this would happen and was not ready what so ever. So of course when I got the news, I cried. I cried because I had a plan to have this stable job for the next year while my Fiance and I get married. That is correct, I am getting married regardless (thank g-d for family). Then he is going to get his PHD and I am to be working and that was the plan. Of course I love my job and I love working but more importantly I LOVE plans. So when my plan was ruined, I was upset but then the calm took over and my brain kicked into gear to look directly for another job, another plan. My Fiance could not quit school because this was his last year to getting his pre-reqs before his PHD school. I refuse to make him wait (since he is on a 5 year plan and the 5th year is an internship, oh, and he will be making 3 times more than I would).

So I thought about how to get a job. It was so easy applying for jobs when I had one, having that security of getting your paycheck every week was so comforting. This time it was different and that scared me. The stakes were higher, I had someone who depended on me succeeding. So, since last Thursday, I have been applying to over 200 different jobs and I have had 4 interviews scheduled for this week. My every living breathe the last 5 days has been applying, re-vamping my resume and create numerous amounts of cover letters.

One of my interviewees said that he loved my resume because of the design and because it was a pdf. I was flattered and since I have had two successful interviews already this week, I hope to get a job soon. There is always that underlying fear that I wont get one because no matter how good I look, there are people who are just as talented as me. Fortunately for me, though, they don’t have the drive to fill out all of those applications. That’s right folks, all those annoying different ways to apply other than Linkedin that are on the job seeker’s website and ask you a 1,000 private questions before your interview along with an autobiography, I apply to all of those. It is taxing, but hopefully it will pay off.

I think you cant be certain in this day and age to get a job, no matter how talented you are. That sounds cynical, but it’s not, it is practical and realistic however hoping and being modest about your talents I believe will get you a great job. Being modest shows that you are willing to work with other people and your talents show the experience you have. Therefore, I am hoping to get a job soon and I hope that all of my other friends who were laid off can as well. Also, for those of you who are still looking and have a talent, send it on over- I might know someone who could use you.

Here is to us, the 99%, go get them!




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