Now on with the Show!- the Interviews

I find that no matter male or female the big question is always the same: What do I wear? You can’t just wear your everyday clothes, but at the same time what is business casual and what is professional? It is different for each company and since we are judged first on our looks, the employer will be looking at us first to see if our style “fits in.” We want to look like “part of the group” but at the same time stand out from other interviewees.

So what did I decide to do? Well I took 15 pictures of 15 different styles I could wear to my interviews tomorrow. I am applying for a job that is highly into health, but I let my weight get away with me since I am getting married now and was working 24/7. So my big question, when I sent out those pictures to my friends, was what the heck do I wear so I look fit? I mean, sure I would not care if I was a stick figure, but I have an hourglass. It is probably the worst figure to have for business because some suits make you look hoochie and other ones that are too big make you look sloppy.

Here is where my major in Drama comes in handy: I know what colors stick out and what don’t. We always talked about, for auditions, what colors were best to get you the part, so I see a lot of similarities between auditions and interviews. For example, red makes a person look healthy and beautiful. It brings out the flush in our cheeks and contrasts nicely against the skin. So I picked a red color and worked that into my suit. I picked a semi causal white t-shirt- that is where my “business-casual” part of my outfit is. I have black pants and closed toed shoes.

The second way to get ready is to research everything on Google. I find their social media channels, their stats and old promotions so I can see what worked and what didn’t. I hope to create a summary of services I can offer by being a part of their company to positively impact their marketing.

Next it is onto the show! We all put on our happy faces like we didn’t get laid off, we are already happily self employed and we march into those interviews. I pretend in an interview like I am selling my talents to a potential client so that I have the backbone to mention my “out of the box” ideas. I agree with most of what they are saying and I figure out a way to see the company in their eyes.

Hopefully all of these tactics will get me a job tomorrow, wish me luck! Also, good luck to all others who are having a hard time. I just had another friend request me to recommend them for Linkedin because they got laid off too.

Wish me luck!




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