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I am done with interviews for Friday and here comes the part that is the most tedious: the wait. I have gotten an offer already, however, I interviewed at a great company today that I would love to be a part of. He said I was a very good interviewee and he would be calling everyone next week with his decision.

I have to wait a whole week before I find out. This is so hard because I have other interviews scheduled and I am not sure what other offers I might get. Luckily, the one I got this morning was very flexible for working hours, so I can take it and keep looking.

However, I don’t know if the job that was offered this morning, which is my “back up” job, is legitimate. According to the woman who interviewed me, I could work at home, manage accounts and make a lot of money per month by managing accounts and creating great customer service. Basically, it sounded too good to be true, which made me skeptical so I am just “trying it out” now. I did a background check of the company and the company is real, so I guess the job is real, but still, how can you tell these days what is real and what isn’t?

I really hope that the interviewer for the job I want calls me back sooner rather than later. Anxiety and me don’t get along very well and with this waiting period it grows. However, I am breathing and trying to relax and think about the other interviews I have next week.

I also got my paperwork for unemployment from the EDD today. I am filing it just in case this other job does not hold through since I have signed no paperwork yet and have no grantee whatsoever.  If the job works out, then I will cancel the unemployment ASAP since that is the last place I want to get money from.

I don’t get how people can live off unemployment because I basically have to support two people and it’s not enough for even food each week. I hope I find a job soon and I don’t have to worry about what to eat next and how to fill my car with gas. Sure, I have a little money saved, but it can only last me about three weeks and next week will mark the two-week period in which I have been jobless. When people are surprised about how many job applications I have filled out and how many interviews I have gotten, I reply with I don’t really have a choice.

I need a job and I hope I will find one soon. I also hope, all of you out there who are looking too, can find one as well. Keep positive and determined!




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