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Invisible Friends = Work Friends

I guess I did not think that all of the sudden the friends I made from work would pretend I was dead. I would reach out to them once or twice through aim or phone but no response. I seriously think I made invisible friendships there. These were people I was even going to invite to our wedding! Good thing I know now, I can cut down the list from 250.

I should not be really upset by this, but I am upset about one friend in particular who we used to go out with as a couple. They stopped all communication with us completely. I am not sure if they “de-friended” us because I was laid off and now I am “taboo” or if it is because I have not found another job yet and they just don’t want to be there for us. This puzzles me greatly, because I have had friends in other jobs who got laid off and I never crossed them off and said, “Well, we had a good run.”

Why are people so scared of others who are suddenly poor, or all of the sudden find themselves in misfortune? I was always there for my friends who went through this no matter if they had the same job or not. So, how many people after the job find themselves with invisible friendships? This is absolutely new to me and I have not heard one peep from my closest friends there. My mother in law says she thinks that it’s because they think “they will catch the laid of bug” from me. I can’t help but to laugh that. Maybe she’s right, maybe I became “diseased.” Good thing I didn’t have to wait to see what they would do if, g-d forbid, I had cancer or something. Maybe they would think they could catch from me like people in the 60’s thought they could catch AIDS.

I guess you learn a new thing every day and maybe it was just the people in my company (I hope so, because that would make American society very depressing.). It is also shocking how people who were not very good friends with you at work check in to see how you are. This confuses me as well because it makes me rethink who were my friends and who weren’t?

I know for my next job I will still be my open, loving, and caring self no matter what this situation has put me in. I believe in karma and I think that the tides will change soon. However, I know that if these people who were my “invisible friends” get into the same situation I am in, I will not be their shoulder to cry on.




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