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Valentines Day the Laid Off Way

A few things happened yesterday which made me feel like a very lucky girl.

1. I got a job interview for today.

2. My Fiance surprised me with brunch.

3. I had finished my surprise for my Fiance perfectly.

I was so happy everything went well, doing V-Day the laid off way, of course. We could not afford dinner so we went to brunch at the Gypsy Den in the Lab, Costa Mesa. It was an interesting, bohemian style place and we had a great lunch there before my Fiance ran to his classes. I had cheated and got the tortellini instead of a vegan dish because I absolutely can’t resist it.

So we ate our delicious food which was less pricey since lunch was less than dinner on V-Day. It was probably one of the best ideas we had to have brunch instead of dinner since we could not afford $100 steak dinners (not that we would ever eat steak anyway.). It is nice when you have an option to go all out for V-Day, but we didn’t and that was actually just fine.

Number two challenge yesterday was what presents should we get for each other. I had the best idea, I went to Trader Joes, picked up their 3 and 5 dollar boutiques and 2 dollar truffles. I arranged everything on our bed along with a cute card that I wrote a while ago when I could sit down and really think about all the ways I love him. I organized all of our engagement cards on the desk and left a note that he could take them down to study at the desk. My Fiance had two tests the next day after Valentines Day, so I made plans to go out with a few friends. I hastily left off to dinner so that he would not expect anything. I know I am very corny, but he loved my decorations and texted me how much he loved me. When I cam home, I was surprised to find he had pink moscato and some more roses for me that he also picked up at Trader Joes. He also attempted to make vegan chocolate which I have to say was the cutest- ugliest looking covered strawberries I ever saw.

Even though we could not do much, I was so charmed by this Valentines Day and was so happy though the loss in money. He makes me rich and I am so lucky to have such an amazing, humble man in my life.

Hopefully, the job I applied to today will want me and we will have a more usual Valentines Day next year. However, if not, it seems that we can survive anything– even Valentines Day on a small budget.

Hope you all had a loving and wonderful Valentines Day!




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