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Lets Start Easy: The Bathroom

So I have a huge project. It’s not just looking for a job, I am hosting a friend who is in need, picking up the slack in our relationship while my Fiance is very busy with school and cleaning my in-laws mess of a house that I moved into. My family thinks I am making a grave mistake doing all of these things, but I can not so easily run away for they are all the right things to do. My friend had no where to live so my Fiance and I took her in, my Fiance has school so later on he can support both of us while doing the job he loves and my in-laws have never had a break to get a maid, they have been working all of their lives. Both of my parents have had maids since I was little to clean the house, my Fiance’s parents brought him up the best way they could but both of them resenting the other when it came to cleaning. Both thought they were entitled to not clean because the other refused to as well.

It is not my job to do any of these things, but I had the luxury of maids, I had the luxury of my parents paying for school and being able to graduate when I wanted to and I always had the luxury of having a home. So, I am trying to be useful as I don’t have a job right now and even though sometimes it seems I am spread so thin, this house needs to change. The only thing that gives me solace and hope is cleaning this house. I feel if I can clean and makeover this house I will figure out my job, my relationship and everything else.

On to my first post about fixing up the house. My first obstacle was black mold in the bathroom. I used a great spray I bought from ace hardware calledX-14 Mildew Stain Remover for around 4 dollars. I ran in there and sprayed and then ran out because the stuff was so strong.



Then we painted it with ACE Hardware Paint called “Sawdust” for 36 dollars. It was so easy to get a roller and paint over everything when the mold was gone.



Then I cleaned out the cabinets with 409 and viola! mold free bathroom. It took me a total of 40 dollars to paint and clean the bathroom. Most bathrooms don’t even need a full pint so others could paint the bathroom for 16 dollars. I am so happy to be able to clean the bathroom and the next thing to save up for will be soap dispenser and towel rack as well as some pictures to decorate with.

So don’t be discouraged if you see black mold creeping in- just kill it with some hard core bleach and then paint it with paint that is mixed with gloss and primer so that the mold does not come back.

Happy re-modeling on a budget!




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