Too Busy… for Everything???

“I am too busy to have sex.” My Fiance said this to me when I was trying to get him into bed. He said it truthfully, since he was working most of the time and studying for his 19 units. He has a lower sex drive than me, so it makes sense. Does not mean […]

It’s Getting Hot in Here… So… Why Haven’t You Called?

I had a burst of interviews my first few weeks applying for jobs. Now, three weeks later, I am still at square one. Last week I applied only for a few jobs because I was moving the entire week- by myself. My Fiance was too busy working (because he refuses to quite his part time […]

You are Laid Off?

There are some things your Fiance should just not say, so I am making a blog about them for future men of our generation. “Two un-employed woman going shopping? That’s a great idea.” For one thing, I went shopping for work clothes, for another, he said forget I said that right after. He says that […]

Lets Start Easy: The Bathroom

So I have a huge project. It’s not just looking for a job, I am hosting a friend who is in need, picking up the slack in our relationship while my Fiance is very busy with school and cleaning my in-laws mess of a house that I moved into. My family thinks I am making […]

Valentines Day the Laid Off Way

A few things happened yesterday which made me feel like a very lucky girl. 1. I got a job interview for today. 2. My Fiance surprised me with brunch. 3. I had finished my surprise for my Fiance perfectly. I was so happy everything went well, doing V-Day the laid off way, of course. We […]

Invisible Friends = Work Friends

I guess I did not think that all of the sudden the friends I made from work would pretend I was dead. I would reach out to them once or twice through aim or phone but no response. I seriously think I made invisible friendships there. These were people I was even going to invite […]

Just Keep Moving – Literally

I have a friend who, I must say, is quite amazing. She has cerebral palsy and graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in psychology and wishes she can be a psychologist. However, in the last few years she lost her money she saved up in the money market. The money she gets for disabilities […]