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It’s Getting Hot in Here… So… Why Haven’t You Called?

I had a burst of interviews my first few weeks applying for jobs. Now, three weeks later, I am still at square one. Last week I applied only for a few jobs because I was moving the entire week- by myself. My Fiance was too busy working (because he refuses to quite his part time […]


I am done with interviews for Friday and here comes the part that is the most tedious: the wait. I have gotten an offer already, however, I interviewed at a great company today that I would love to be a part of. He said I was a very good interviewee and he would be calling […]

Laid Off

It seems like it is the time of year, because I am not the only one I know who was “laid off.” My friend tried to encourage me to say the phrase without the “off” part, because he said it would be a more interesting phrase and though I agree, it does not have much […]