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Lets Start Easy: The Bathroom

So I have a huge project. It’s not just looking for a job, I am hosting a friend who is in need, picking up the slack in our relationship while my Fiance is very busy with school and cleaning my in-laws mess of a house that I moved into. My family thinks I am making […]

Invisible Friends = Work Friends

I guess I did not think that all of the sudden the friends I made from work would pretend I was dead. I would reach out to them once or twice through aim or phone but no response. I seriously think I made invisible friendships there. These were people I was even going to invite […]

Just Keep Moving – Literally

I have a friend who, I must say, is quite amazing. She has cerebral palsy and graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in psychology and wishes she can be a psychologist. However, in the last few years she lost her money she saved up in the money market. The money she gets for disabilities […]


I was sitting at a Starbucks today, waiting for my first interview of Monday. I had just gotten back from a weekend in SF where my Fiance and I had meetings with caterers and the band. I was utterly tired and although I am an organic vegan, I needed coffee. I was not planning on […]


I am done with interviews for Friday and here comes the part that is the most tedious: the wait. I have gotten an offer already, however, I interviewed at a great company today that I would love to be a part of. He said I was a very good interviewee and he would be calling […]

Now on with the Show!- the Interviews

I find that no matter male or female the big question is always the same: What do I wear? You can’t just wear your everyday clothes, but at the same time what is business casual and what is professional? It is different for each company and since we are judged first on our looks, the […]

Pretending to be Employed

Ever since I have been laid off, my Fiance and I have been pretending that I am “employed.” I still use my cc for the food, gas and other payments as well as shop for clothes for interviews. I see the money going down in my account and I can’t help but notice secretly, none […]